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Hi, My name is Phil Malone, and this is my Online Resume.

I'm a career programmer with 30 years of diverse technology experience. 

In my personal time I designed and built an energy efficient home for my wife and myself in the mountains of Western Maryland, and I'm an advocate of changing our culture into a world where science and technology are celebrated.  I founded a non-profit corporation: The Garrett Engineering And Robotics Society Inc. ( to be a central hub for Science, Technology and Engineering inspiration in our area.  I pioneered SuGO (a LEGO based Sumo Robot competition), and coach four world-class FIRST Robotics teams (FRC, FTC and FLL).  At least one of my teams has competed in the WORLD Championship every year since 2006 (FLL 4 times, FTC 3 times and FRC 5 times).

In my "work" life: I was a team member on the 1998 RMS Titanic expedition (working with the Remora Remotely Operated Vehicle), I've co-authored TrialMax, (the software package that was used by Microsoft to defend their antitrust suit) and I converted Annapolis MD's online Web newspaper from a manually generated site to an automated publishing system before the internet boom.

If any of these experiences are of interest to you, please explore my Online Resume, and feel free to contact me.