Philip S. Malone

P.O. Box 501
McHenry MD, 21541
Phone: (301) 387-2331
e-mail: See Contact Form

2015: Received the "William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award" for Garrett County MD.
Awarded by Comptroller of MD. Recipients recognized for:

  • improving the community
  • swiftly solving a citizen problem through effective government intervention
  • directly aiding the most vulnerable in society or
  • creating a public/private partnership to improve the lives of Marylanders.

2015: Received the "Award of Outstanding Contributions to Garrett College"
Each year the Garrett College Board of Trustees solicits nominations for the Award of Outstanding Contributions to Garrett College. This award is given to publicly recognize and acknowledge the value and appreciation that the Garrett College Board of Trustees attaches to actions or activities of individuals or organizations that have significantly and positively impacted Garrett's mission and educational goals.

Founding Director of Garrett Engineering And Robotics Society (GEARS), Inc. 2006-2016
GEARS was founded to provide a year-round robotics education and competition arena in Garrett County, Maryland.
GEARS hosts FIRST competition teams, SuGO (Sumo LEGO) competitons, 4-H and Summer Tech-Camps including the Seaperch Underwater Robotics camp.
GEARS has been visited by two US Senators, and several govenor aides.
GEARS operates in 6000 sq feet of mixed office/warehouse space in Accident Maryland.

Coach/Mentor for FOUR student Robotics teams. 2005-2016
As part of "Giving Back" to the community I mentor FOUR robotics teams in Garrett County. 
I work with the "NeXT GEN" FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team, the "G-FORCE" and "4-H Techno Clover" FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Teams, and the "Garrett Coalition (GaCo)" FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team1629.  Our accomplishments to date are:

2011: GaCo won the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Buckeye Regional AND the 2011 World Championship in St. Louis.
2011: 4-H Techno Clovers was the Winnining Alliance Captain at the Delaware Regional, and competed at the 2011 World Championship in St. Louis
2011: G-FORCE won the MD Inspire Award and represented Maryland at the 2011 World Championship in St. Louis
2011: NeXT GEN won the MD "Champions" award and represented Maryland at the 2011 World Championship in St. Louis

2010: NeXT GEN took the second place "Champions" Award at the MD FLL championship.
2010: G-FORCE won the MD "Winning Alliance" award and will represent Maryland at the 2010 Nationals in Atlanta Georgia.
2010: GaCo won the Chaiman's Award at the Chesapeake Regional, and competed in the Nationals in Atlanta.

2009: NeXT GEN won the PA "Champions" award and represented Pittsburgh at the Nationals in Atlanta Georgia.
2009: G-FORCE won the MD "Inspire" award and represented Maryland at the 2009 Nationals in Atlanta Georgia, winning their division, and coming in second in the world.
2009: GaCo won the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Pittsburgh Regional, and competed in the Nationals in Atlanta.

2008: NeXT GEN FLL won the MD "Champions" award and represented Maryland at the Nationals in Atlanta Georgia.
2008: GaCo won the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Buckeye Regional, and competed in the Nationals in Atlanta.

2007: NeXT GEN won the MD "Champions" award and represented Maryland at the Nationals in Atlanta Georgia.

2006: GaCo won the Chesapeake regionals, and competed in the Nationals in Atlanta.

Robotics Beta Testing.
2016: FTC Tech Team member. Coordinated directly with FIRST to help guide new FTC Android based robot control system.
2015: FRC Beta Test team leader.
2013: FRC Beta Test team leader.
2009: I was contracted by National Instruments to assist with beta testing of the new FTC software suite.
2008: FIRST switched to a completely new control system for the FRC competion, and our team was selected to be one of only 18 Beta test teams nationaly. Based on our contributions, the team was invited to beta test again in 2009.
Participating in various National Instruments forums', posting documents under the handle of Philbot.

Production, sale and licensing of the Web Energy Logger 2006-2010
Based on the success and public interest of my own HVAC monitoring system, I was encouraged to produce a "consumer" version which could be used to monitor any home, office or school.  The resultant Web Energy Logger (WEL) is now in full production and over 950 units are being used on sites worldwide. 

The WEL has become one of the most cost effective, yet expandable, energy monitoring system on the market.  Initial units installed in 2006 are still posting data and providing valuable HVAC operational information.  The WEL has been used on Geothermal, Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Cogeneration and Wind systems.  Most installations are hybrids of several technologies.  Typical uses for the WEL include: HVAC system validation, energy research, remote system diagnostics and grass- roots energy awareness.  Individual homeowners who simply desire to know more about their own energy usage, still make up the majority of WEL users.

The WEL has the following features:

  • Small form factor board using plug-in modules for highly integrated CPU and interfaces
  • Automated monitoring of a 1-wire sensor network (temperature, humidity, and insolation sensors)
  • Multiple Watt-meters and flow-meter inputs
  • Multiple analog 4-20mA inputs
  • Local configuration via LAN browser
  • Remote Data posting to external Web site
  • Centralized data collection, storage and graphical display of live data and trends.

Energy-Efficient Home Design 2002-2004
As part of adopting a more "Energy Aware" lifestyle I designed and contracted the construction of an energy efficient home at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. The home is showcased at, and utilizes the following energy features:

  • Passive Solar orientation for minimizing winter heating and summer cooling.
  • Earth Sheltering to mitigate extreme climate conditions.
  • Geothermal Exchange to use the constant earth temperature for heating and cooling.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation for clean air without normal infiltration heat losses.
  • Fully instrumented HVAC system with online real-time system monitoring and trend graphs.
Independent Software Design Consultant (Embedded, Desktop and Internet) 1996-Present
  • Created web sites for public companies, publishers and small business owners Established a web site hosting business which controled 10 virtual servers, (UNIX and NT).
  • System architect for the TrialMax program. TrialMax is a litigation support tool used to present real-time video depositions and exhibits in high exposure trials. Trialmax was used by Microsoft Defense Lawyers in their Anti-Trust litigation. (Let's face it, they could have used anything, but they used TrialMax)
  • Created operator display software for a range of Remotely Operated Vehicles (Underwater and land based):
    • Plow2000: Caldwell Cable Systems, underwater Cable Burial Plow series.
    • Remora 6000: Phoenix International, 6000 meter depth rated Burial/Work Vehicle series
Titanic Expedition Member September 1998
  • Participated in first phase of the 1998 RMS Titanic Expedition. Spent 3 weeks at sea, over the Titanic site, performing software and electrical support for one of the mission ROV's "Remora". Read this great story about my Message in a Bottle that found it's way across the Atlantic.
Oceaneering Technologies (NYSE OII) 1988-1996
  • Consultant, Senior Software Engineer, Staff Software Engineer, Manager of Software Engineering.
  • Created operator display software for a range of Remotely Operated Vehicles:
    • CURV III: US NAVY, 20,000 -foot depth rated remotely operated vehicle. Participated in several at-sea deployments.
    • SEA DRAGON: Towed underwater Cable Burial Plow. Participated in first at-sea deployment.
    • ORION: US NAVY, Towed Side Scan Sonar.
    • DEEP DRONE III: 7000 foot depth rated Remotely Operated Vehicle.
    • SEA TRACTOR: Sea Bottom, Cable Burial Tractor.
Annapolis Micro Systems 1984-1988
  • Software Engineer
  • User Interface design for a range of PC based products
  • Networking software for embedded computer systems
Thorn EMI Electronics 1980-1984
  • Engineer
  • Design of embedded microprocessor hardware
  • Design of multitasking software operating systems
Operating system programming
  • Microsoft Windows 1.0 - Windows 3.11, 95, 98, XP
  • PC Dos
  • Embedded: No operating system
  • OS-9
  • QNX
  • Unix, PC Based, TCP/IP
  • Unix, VME Based
  • VX-Works
  • NI LabVIEW 8.5 & 9.0 (+ various robotics toolkits)
  • Visual Studio 6.0 & .NET
  • C and C++
  • Java Script and JScript
  • Active Server Pages (.ASP & ASPX)
  • Perl 4 & 5
  • Pascal
  • Fortran
  • Basic
  • PLM
  • Intel & Motorola Assembly
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Physics, University of South Australia, 1980